Terms & Conditions


1. Disclaimer:

For legal and otherwise safety purposes, we would love it if you took our advice and ran an eye over the terms of services with utmost care before visiting gemoworld.com and its services

2. Interpretation

2.1​​ At any point in the website and the policies, the words ‘Gem O World’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘its’ and ‘us’ refer to gemoworld.com. Don’t worry, this is approved by its owner and authorized officials.
2.2 The ‘Services’ carried out by Gem O World include all the services offered by Gem O World.
2.3 Lovely customer, it is important that you understand that no additional or separate agreement refers to any separate understanding between Gem O World and the user other than or in addition to the TOS.
2.4 Whenever you come across words like ‘You’, ‘client’, ‘visitor’ and ‘user’ refer to any person visiting and using the Services. More often than not, it refers to you, dear customer.
2.5 We would like to make it clear that Privacy Policy serves to describe the main position of Gem O World. It serves to describe the ways of collection, use and maintenance of the information relating to the user.

3. Services and warranties:

3.1 We would like the user to understand that Gem O World’s services include carrying out the work of selling its very own manufactured jewelry articles. This simple task is achieved by displaying products online to users and making provisions for safe online purchase.
3.2 As the user, you, the client agree that Gem O World owns no liability for the content, activity and purpose of the client’s social media account. This means that Gem O World has no control or responsibility regarding your social media accounts and the content it displays.
3.3 It is the umpteenth time we are repeating this and we regret the reiteration, but this is very important. It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure the observation of the terms and conditions of any contract with a third party.

4. Payments, Refunds, and Cancellation

4.1 Lovely customer, there should never be a confusion regarding prices. The price for various products is provided on the product page. Gem O World  reserves the right to modify such prices from time to time without serving a prior notice. The “price” or “payment” shall refer to the updated price of the package at any point!​
4.2 It is important that you know that the pricing page forms part of the TOS.
4.3 the best news? Gem O World accepts payments through PayU.
4.4 When it comes to refunds, the power lies with Gem O World. All other refunds are to be made at the sole discretion of Gem O World.

5. General Terms

5.1 Gem O World reserves the right to revise, amend, change, alter, replace, withdraw and declare not-applicable any of the provisions of the TOS without serving a prior notice. Such revision, amendment, change, alteration, replacement, withdrawal or in applicability shall come into force soon after it is posted on the TOS page. What this means is that we can make policy changes without prior notice to you, the customer. We regret any inconvenience in advance!
5.2 Gem O World reserves the right to terminate, amend, modify or make unavailable any part or feature of the Services without notice. The user who has made the payment for the Services is entitled to demand the Service as prescribed at the time of the order or the refund.

6. Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Service of Notice

6.1 All disputes arising from the TOS shall be resolved by an independent arbitration. This means that all disputes will be solved via independent arbitration first.
6.2 It is important to note that in case, the arbitration fails to resolve the dispute, the matter may be brought before the court having competent jurisdiction at Jaipur, Rajasthan India.
6.3 The user expressly agrees that the TOS shall be governed by the relevant laws for the time being in force in India. All of this is because it is fair if you and we are on the same page!

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 Just for the purpose of clarification, we’d like to declare that all the material contained in gemoworld.com, including, without limitation, the content, software, images, drawings and design, is the sole property of Gem O World and is protected by the copyright protection laws for the time being in force in India and by the relevant International Treaties. It should be understood by direct implication that no user is allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, reprint, host or use in any other manner without the written approval of Gem O World.
7.2 In the unfortunate event of infringement of our rights, we shall take strict legal action, and shall also claim compensation. Despite how friendly we normally are, we are equally protective of our intellectual property.
7.3 Gem O World reserves the rights not hereby claimed.